AI Trading Bot Makes $38,000 in a Week, Beating Professional Traders

A new AI Trading Bot, priced at $450, is accessible on any Windows OS, even older PCs or laptops. Technical traders are saying it's unfair, but it's legal and users are reporting significant earnings.


In an unprecedented display of artificial intelligence in action a new AI trading robot reportedly generated a return of $38,000 from a $5,000 investment over the course of a week, according to verified trading records and third-party verification by MyFxBook.

The story doesn’t end with the initial success. Starting from January 23, 2024, with a $1,000 investment, the bot once again showed its worth. By June 11, 2024, it earned a profit of $5,600 — a stunning 560% gain over the test period.


This performance has drawn attention from traders worldwide, prompting interest and curiosity.

This particular bot, employing cutting-edge AI technology, has demonstrated its prowess by accurately predicting market trends and conducting trades autonomously.

The Lazy Trader's Shortcut to Success?

"Look, if you're into staring at charts all day, skipping bathroom breaks and doing trades manually while obsessing over market news, then this AI trading bot isn't for you. But if you're like me and you'd rather enjoy life while making some quick cash, this bot is a total game-changer. I don't worry if professional traders say we have an unfair advantage—I just love seeing the profits roll in. So, I just kick back, relax and let the bot do all the hard work."

Traders have the option to select different trading speeds, ranging from slow and steady to fast and aggressive.

Initial skepticism was not entirely unexpected.

After all, such a significant return on investment in such a short time is enough to raise an eyebrow or two.

However, skeptics were convinced when the trades were fully disclosed and independently verified by MyFxBook, a reputable third-party company known for its expertise in trade verification.

"Only Cowards Rely on a Robot" - Manual Traders Revolt Against AI Trading Bot

Using a trading bot is different from traditional investing. The bot automatically scans the market and makes trades based on set algorithms, allowing for frequent trades and the chance for high profits. It operates 24/7, ensuring no trading opportunities are missed. Traditional investing, on the other hand, involves manually buying and holding assets for a longer time with less active management, leading to steadier and lower-risk gains. An AI Trading Bot offers the benefits of automated trading without needing constant attention, giving regular investors a chance for higher returns.

The bot’s influence has been spreading rapidly. With 8,000 downloads to date, it’s said to be generating millions in daily profits for its users.

Yet, despite its growing popularity, its future is shrouded in uncertainty.

There have been rumors of a large US-based hedge fund expressing interest in acquiring the algorithm. As of today, the software is still available for sale on the official website.

Users can load the software with ease and start reaping profits almost immediately, a testament to the bot’s user-friendly design.

After the advancements made by AI like ChatGPT, this development seems like the logical next step. Its performance capability is as staggering as the ease with which it can be used.

As the story unfolds, the financial world watches with bated breath.

What is the name of the AI trading robot, and how does it work?

The name of the AI trading bot is Galileo FX. It is like having an automatic helper that trades for you 24/7 based on set rules, quickly making lots of small trades to profit from market changes, while traditional investing involves buying assets and holding them for a long time with less frequent trades and lower risk.

Do I need any prior trading experience to use the bot effectively?

No prior experience is needed. Galileo FX is user-friendly, with step-by-step guides and demo accounts to help you get started effortlessly.

Could I see a live demonstration of the bot in action or access a trial version before making a purchase? I want to understand how it works

You can book a meeting with the Galileo FX team using their calendar. However, please note that it can be challenging to find a free spot as they are often fully booked.

Is there a risk of losing my money, and how can I minimize that risk?

Yes, there is risk, but you can minimize it with settings like:

  • Stop Loss: Caps losses on each trade.
  • Max Orders: Limits the number of trades.
  • Consecutive Signals: Ensures trades are made only under strong signals.
  • Lot Size: Keeps trades small and manageable.

How do I know if the bot’s performance is real and not a scam?

Galileo FX’s performance is independently verified by MyFxBook, ensuring transparency and credibility.

What is MyFxBook, and why is it important for verifying the bot’s performance?

MyFxBook is a platform that independently verifies trading performance, adding trust and transparency to Galileo FX’s results.

How can I start using this trading bot?

Getting started is easy:

  1. Buy a License: Purchase Galileo FX from the official website.
  2. Install MetaTrader: Download MetaTrader from your broker.
  3. Download Galileo FX: Follow simple setup instructions.
  4. Configure Settings: Choose your trading preferences.
  5. Start Trading: Begin with a demo account to practice.

Are there any tutorials or guides available to help me get started?

Yes, Galileo FX offers comprehensive video and written guides, plus support to ensure a smooth start.

How do I download and set up the trading bot?

It’s simple:

  1. Purchase and Download: Get Galileo FX from the official site.
  2. Install MetaTrader: From your broker’s site.
  3. Install Galileo FX: Follow the easy guide or use the remote installation service.
  4. Configure Settings: Adjust to your preferences.
  5. Start Trading: Begin with a demo account.

Can I use the bot on my smartphone or do I need a computer?

You can monitor and control Galileo FX from your smartphone using Microsoft Remote Desktop, though initial setup requires a PC or Mac.

What kind of returns can I realistically expect as a beginner?

Returns vary, but many users report significant profits. Focus on learning and adjusting your settings to optimize performance.

How often do I need to check or adjust the bot’s settings?

Minimal intervention is needed. While Galileo FX runs autonomously, occasional checks and adjustments help optimize performance.

Are there any fees for using the bot or for the transactions it makes?

Galileo FX has a one-time purchase fee with no recurring costs. Transaction fees depend on your broker.

What kind of support is available if I have questions or run into problems?

Support options include:

  • 24/7 Chat Service
  • Email Support: Available Monday to Friday.
  • Support Sessions: Two free sessions per month for complex issues.

Why do I need a broker and how do I find one?

A broker is essential as they provide the trading platform (MetaTrader 4 or 5) where Galileo FX operates. They facilitate your trades and hold your trading account. To find a broker, search for those supporting MetaTrader and offering good reviews and regulatory compliance. Recommended brokers include:

  • Oanda
  • Pepperstone
  • IC Markets
  • FP Markets

What should I do if I want to stop using the bot and withdraw my money?

Simply stop the bot, close any open positions, and follow your broker’s procedure to withdraw funds.

How much does the AI Robot cost?

Galileo FX starts at €399 for a lifetime license with no recurring fees. Additional services include:

  • Installation Services: €199 for PC, €299 for PC + Mobile setup.
  • VIP Support: €50/month for prioritized assistance.
  • Premium Settings: €199 each or a bundle for €1699, offering optimized settings for various trading conditions.

For more details, visit the pricing page.

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100+ Comments

Li Chang 2024-07-20

What is the name of this trading robot? And how does it work

Sebastian Singh 2024-07-20

The bot mentioned is Galileo FX, you add it to your MetaTrader platform. Basically it's an automated program that makes trades for you automatically. You can choose different styles like aggressive, slow, fast, custom, premium. Highly profitable automated trading software.

YukiTanaka 2024-07-20

Pro version seems worth exploring.

Li Chang 2024-07-20

Can I speak with someone on their team?

sam harrison j. 2024-07-20

I also had questions before buying. Set up a chat with them via this link

Alex_M 2024-07-20

Link saved, thanks for sharing!

Marcelo Gonzalez 2024-07-20

The name is Galileo FX.. I've been using it, it's been good for me. It analyzes the market and makes profitable trades automatically.

Trevor_999 2024-07-20

Impressive earnings. Is the Pro version the best?

Mikhail Kuznetsov 2024-07-20

The trading robot from Galileo FX is all about making profitable trades for you on autopilot. Uses smart algorithms to spot profitable opportunities and execute trades

Ji-hoon Kim 2024-07-20

I can't believe how much I've earned with this trading robot!! It does all the work!! And I just see the profits roll in

Diego Rodriguez 2024-07-20

The pro version has helped me earn consistently. I'm no expert. This bot is designed to maximize your profits. It does what it says

Silent Day Trader 2024-07-20

If everyone uses this, profits will plummet to zero. It's a zero-sum game, people! Manual trading is better. It took me years to become a good manual trader but it's worth the effort.

TechTraderJake 2024-07-20

PLEASE - I'm making bank while you're philosophizing. This bot's slicing through manual traders like butter. Get with the times or stay broke.

ChrisBarker 2024-07-20

Just bought it! Excited to start.

Elegance_Invests5345 2024-07-20

Oh, the naivety.. Profits going to zero? My earnings say otherwise, man. While the majority lag with their manual methods, us innovators make money

CashKing_24_7 2024-07-20

lol manual trading? that's history bro. wake up or stay losing

MarcoPolo77 2024-07-20

Any promo codes before I buy?

Market Sage Phil 2024-07-20

Such a simplistic view. The markets are not a static playground; they evolve. My portfolio's growth, courtesy of this bot, stands as a testament against your zero-sum prophecy. It's about leveraging technology, not fearing it.

NaturalSelector 2024-07-20

Sounds like someone's been reading too many textbooks and not enough market trends. This bot's just another trading strategy. Like all strategies, it's not about if everyone uses it, but who uses it first. Adapt or perish, that's the rule of nature and markets alike

JohnForexMaster 2024-07-20

Any one making profit or not from this bot

TommyLee 2024-07-20

Just made my first profit - Thrilled!

TurtleMan13 2024-07-20

I've been using this robot for more than a year, my favorite autotrader. I lost almost all with another EAs, only Galileo FX has stable profits and is fully automated

Investor_Jack 2024-07-20

Seriously considering this bot now.

JohnForexMaster 2024-07-20

Is it worth the money don't wanna waste more on bots that don't deliver need real value here

ForexGuru2024 2024-07-20

Might jump in, thanks for sharing!

TurtleMan13 2024-07-20

This is the best robot ever, I tried a lot of garbage. Spent a lot of money. Now I'm happy. Used the robot on autopilot and haven't even seen one loss

JohnForexMaster 2024-07-20

Can you tell me how much money you initially started with when using this bot. Also are you using a specific version or edition of the bot that you find particularly effective?

TurtleMan13 2024-07-20

Grew my account to $11,220 in just a few weeks. I'm using Pro version with premium settings, started with around $500

simon 2024-07-20

I have more than doubled my deposit with this bot, it's working well for me! I have lost a few trades with the bot but nothing is 100% accurate. I always check the chart that I'm trading on and have my own idea which way the trade will go, so if the bot gives a signal I agree with I take the trade if I don't think it will go the way the bot thinks I don't trade that signal.

Ayaan Patel 2024-07-20

Please keep going. I would LOVE to see a longer term analysis. I wrote my own algos for forex last year and found it to be anything but "earn money while you sleep" because of the "tweaking". But I am curious to see how this AI Bot works so please keep us updated.

Luis Ribeiro 2024-07-20

I turned 700 bucks into 4k with this bot. It's pretty good.

Ethan Martin 2024-07-20

Highly profitable autotrader. I've been using it for 2 months and it's generating 1400-1500 bucks a week.

David Smith 2024-07-20

Thank you so much... Started yesterday, already +$789 profit with this bot

Kenji Sato 2024-07-20

In my first week with this bot, I've earned $562

Chao Wang 2024-07-20

This is one person’s results. He did a $1000 test account, and made $230 over a month (23% return)

Jim Arrows 2024-07-20

In a month with Galileo FX pro I've turned my $5k into over $50k in profits.. a surprise. My advice's to use aggressive settings with a low starting capital instead of going with the slower settings. Try it. Makes a significant difference in the results.